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Balikbayan Box

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29 May 2022

Self Service Money Transfer

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Sea freight and Air freight
Balikbayan Box Service


We offer a Door to Door Australia to Philippines Sea Freight Balikbayan Box Service.

Please collect your Balikbayan Carton in store at Pinoy Warehouse. A minimum deposit of $20 is required (deducted from the full price).

We can ship the empty Balikbayan box directly to your house. Shipping fee is $5 per empty box.

For further information about Cost and Delivery Schedules to the Philippines and any queries, please Contact Us.


Restricted Items

Pinoy Warehouse Logistics complies with the requirements of the Department of Trade and Industry's Philippine Shipper's Bureau (for sea cargo) and of the Civil Aeronautics Authority of the Philippines or CAAP (for air cargo).

In line with this, we kindly remind our customers the following are not allowed in balikbayan boxes.

    1. Currencies, checks, money orders, and travelers' checks
    2. Pieces of jewels
    3. Firearms, ammunition, and explosives
    4. Prohibited drugs and substances
    5. Pornographic materials, gambling cards, and toy guns
    6. Pirated products i.e., cd tapes, etc.
    7. Tires, rims, spare parts, petrol/gasoline operated machines
    8. Oils, Gasoline, Alcohol, Detergents and/or any liquid, Paints, and related Materials
    9. Batteries, or any materials with Alkaline Dangerous Goods contents
    10. All commercial Items


Aside from the above list of items prohibited by the authorities, PINOY WAREHOUSE LOGISTICS also restricts for security measure:

FOR SEA CARGO: Perishable Items

For AIR CARGO: Liquid items, food, medicine, valuable items, LAGS (Liquid, Aerosol, Gels) electronic items.

All Fragile and delicate items must be Properly Packed and must be secured in WOOD.

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